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About EcoKarma

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Born & brought up in the beautiful mountains of Dehradun, Ritika has always been closely connected to nature and valued it as her  forever home.

With her past working experience in NGO’s, she understood the hurdles of funding every year to run the good work.

Though wanting to fulfil her childhood dream of a Dog shelter, she wanted to keep it sustainable so it never gets that burden of pause depending completely on donations. What better way to make it sustainable then starting a business which protects environment and make her dream project run smoothly.

Ritika Sadana was inspired by this vision and started EcoKarma with the desire to do something in return for Mother Earth.

All EcoKarma products are bio-degradable and nature friendly which not only adds ZERO pollution but also helps protect the health of the users, fellow humans and animals. We train and take the services of the Self-Help Groups for the manufacturing of our products and employ EWS youth for the marketing. Through this integration, we are not only creating a healthy environment but also creating a better life cycle for the families through their economic upbringing.

50% profits made out of sale of products at Eco-Karma will be spent on Animal Welfare. The GOOD deed multiplies.

Vision and Mission

EcoKarma operates with the motive of Arthika-Kutumba-Samaja vikas

We work on the principle of sustainable living; ensuring financial security of the families we work with and in turn the security of the society. All the products you purchase through EcoKarma are eco-friendly, biodegradable, reusable and either prepared in-house by our team or with women self-help groups across the country.  

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