Our life, just like the a cube, is multidimensional & has many sides to it. Most of us tend to focus just on one side of it, neglecting the others, which is not how it should be dealt with.


To have a Good Happy Life, it’s important to simultaneously work on all the Six ‘Well-beings’ of life, which are :


1. Financial  2. Physical  3. Social  

4. Intellectual  5. Emotional  6. Spiritual


Just like to resolve a Cube, you need to balance all sides together. At times, you might need to unscramble a set side, to attain progress on another side But if you fallow the right process and focus on each step, you will surely be able to solve it, one step at a time.


Eventually everything in life will fall in place. You just have to be patient and trust the process. Both the Cube and Life will attain its Resolved State at the End.

Life Balancing Planner for 2022





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